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Since January 2012, ECCO is a Consortium Partner in the EU FP7 Sadel Project in which research efforts focus on Scaffolds for Alternative DELivery and Nanofitin®-based drug in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):


  • Research on first-in-class generation of non-parenteral biotherapeutics
  • Clinically validated target chosen: TNFα
  • New class of non-antibody affinity ligands able to selectively bind a wider range of targets
  • Nanofitin® characteristics:
    • Small size (optimal tissue penetration)
    • Resistance to pH and to human intestinal fluids (long-half-life in digestive track)
    • High affinity (low effective concentration needed)
    • Strong  potential for reduced immunogenicity compared to current biologic
  • pdfSadel Poster 2014

    pdfSadel Poster 2015

    pdfSadel Poster 2016

    Oral Presentation at ECCO'15: Oral delivery of a new class of non-antibody protein scaffold nanofitins targeting TNF-alpha shows a strong preventive and curative anti-inflammatory effect in models of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

    Source: e-CCO Learning Webcast - ECCO 2015 Barcelona Congress - Scientific session 11: Managing the manageable: Chronic pain and fatigue
    Authors: Mathieu Cinier

    Oral Presentation at the EU Project Forum, ECCO'16: SADEL Project - Scaffolds for Alternative Delivery

    pdfSADEL Presentation 2016

    ECCO FP7 Sadel Officer

    Andreas Sturm Andreas Sturm

    Department of Gastroenterology
    DRK Kliniken Berlin | Westend
    Spandauer Damm 130
    14050 Berlin
    Tel.: +49 30 3035 4355/50
    Fax: +49 30 3035 4359
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    ECCO FP7 Sadel Research Fellow

    Raja AtreyaRaja Atreya

    Medizinische Klinik 1
    Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
    Ulmenweg 18
    91054 Erlangen
    Tel: +49 9131 85 35115
    Fax: +49 9131 85 35116
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