Research Projects

Research Projects

ECCO investigator-initiated study approval - promoting scientific IBD projects

This initative is meant to ensure the scientific quality of ECCO-approved or -funded studies, but not to act as Study Sponsor. The ECCO ClinCom will facilitate the conduct of studies from inception to completion. At the very least, independent appraisal of a project can be expected to improve the scientific content and outcome of the study. Endorsement of a protocol by ECCO can be expected to increase the chance of successful grant application for funding and ethics' approval, which both require independent appraisal.

Consultancy: facilitating scientific projects and programme development

This initiative aims at advising on clinical study development, at facilitating comparison between studies and at ensuring that outcomes of clinical studies are relevant for the benefit of the patient. Independent appraisal and endorsement of scientific projects by ECCO extends beyond that achieved by conventional Advisory Boards. ECCO endorsement of the design and conduct of studies is likely to be viewed constructively by:

  1. regulatory authorities
  2. grant funding bodies
  3. ethics' committees
  4. editorial process of publication

Remuneration for these services is for the benefit of ECCO and not for individual members of ClinCom. Any individual conflict of interest (such as might happen through independent consulting arrangements) will be avoided by precluding that individual from the process, or other appropriate measures according to the project.

Conceptual think-tank

The ECCO ClinCom can act as a forum for developing scientific ideas related to IBD. This might include

  • Exploring novel therapeutic strategies
  • Considering the applicability of technology to IBD from a different field of work
  • Placing translational science into context

Contact can be made with individual ClinCom members or through the Chair.

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